Many companies are stuck in the past, thinking that employees have to do whatever they want without questions.

The world changed and there’s no more opportunities for that kind of companies.​

Employer branding. Find out how to improve yours, beyond an aesthetic lifting.

Work environment strategy. We’re living times beyond money. Discover what motivates your people.

Internal communication. It is not just about communicating. You have to generate positive experiences that allow to improve the results of attraction, retention and development, but also the engagement of your employees.

Engagement strategy. You know your growth comes from satisfied clients, and they come from engaged employees.

Attraction, retention and people development. No more seminars and empty courses. Empower your people to do what they really want. Boost people talent.

Strategic Alignment. Lead. People will do their best job following you with easy tools alligned with your growth objectives.


business Development

You have good ideas, but before starting long and expensive innovation projects, maybe you should check:

1. If that ideas already exist.

2. If you are navigating on a succesful global trend, and

3. If there is a technology to implement them.

Our global innovation research service applies scientific and technological environment analysis to the reality of your company and its market or economic sector.

When a company has the knowledge, is a few years beyond its competitors.

The application of innovation methodologies and tools is the driving force of our entire portfolio.

You will know (usefully) what's going on around the globe with your business, and make the right decisions.

  • Studies of technological surveillance (as well known as technology watch).
  • Competitive intelligence.
  • Global benchmark & trends.
  • Innovation management​.
  • Co-creation tools and collective intelligence.

We believe that you can change the rules and get your company into the 21st. Century. To do that, you need to re-learn.
It’s time to give people incentives. And it’s not just money. You need to keep them engaged and gamification knows how​.

Lead your people to search and find the solutions, using gamification.

Software as a Service. Use gamification to solve complex business problems, modifying paradigms and addressing specific challenges of an economic sector.

Table games. For those companies that still require analogous tools to improve their collective intelligence and/or improve the commitment of their people.

Taylormade games (SaaS). Designed games to solve specific problems in a company, completely made to order and whose

functionality is determined by a minimum and recurrent use time.

Apps / SaaS. Developed from the principles of gamification and the BEM model to solve business needs with some kind of connection with final consumers or employees.